Happy Shopper

  • On December 14, 2017

The Trust is pleased to reveal that the club has received some positive feedback from a mystery shopper type visit that was recently conducted at The Globe Arena by the Football League. The report was particularly complimentary about the friendliness of the supporters at the game, and the engagement between spectators from the perspective of a family attending the match:

Q: Please describe the overall atmosphere in your part of the stadium and what sort of “feel” did you get from the crowd and club as a whole?

A: “The atmosphere was ok with the majority of noise coming from a section behind the goal. The atmosphere within the family stand was just that of being part of a family. I have certainly never experienced such natural engagement with fellow fans as I had at this game
. On at least four occasions fans sitting around us initiated a conversation with me about the game and this led to me having a real positive experience and helping me to really relax, feel part of things and ultimately enhancing my enjoyment of the game. It was clear that this really was a social experience for a number of fans who spoke and joked with each other throughout the game. This was the major positive from the day and left me feeling nothing but positive things about the club as I really liked the supporters around me and would have made me want to go back again for the following game.”

Whilst this obviously highlights positive aspects of the current matchday experience at The Globe Arena, we are keen to hear how members think this could be built upon and improved. If you have any ideas, suggestions or feedback that you would like the Trust to relay back to the club, please email