Ian Lyon – Trustee Application

  • On October 8, 2021

My name is Ian Lyon, two years ago I asked members to re-elect me as a trustee.

If someone told me then the football club would be in League One and the Trust would have a membership 600+, I would have smiled and said one can hope so.  But, we are, that dream is now reality and for someone who has watched the club from 1970’s, involved with supporters/fans clubs for over twenty-five years and taking match day photographs. The jounery has been has been unbelievable and most of all enjoyable.

I have always have said a supporter’s group is not only beneficial to supporters but to the club as well. Good communication is vital on both sides and I firmly believe it is going from strength to strength. Now the club is aiming to maintain league one, there has been many changes around the club and more to come. The Trust needs to work with the club ensuring all views of supporters are heard.

The Trust is for all supporters, this is why, I would be interested and willing to work as a disable/minority persons contact to the Trust. I have personal knowledge living with a disability and have over the years gained an insight to people with various other disabilities. I may not have the formal training but I do consider that I understand their concerns and needs.

Once again, I would ask members to vote for me and give me the honour of representing them on the Trust.