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Shrimps Trust Committee Meeting

Tuesday 15th August 2017

The George Hotel, Torrisholme, Morecambe.

Attendees: Stuart Rae (Chairman), Ian Lyon (Vice-Chairman), Jack Steer (Treasurer), Steve Doran, Jimmy Goulding, Pat Stoyles.

Apologies: Richard Allan (Secretary), Simon Bentley, Andy Langdale, Steven McDonagh, Ben Swidenbank, Mark Swindlehurst.

Meeting opens at 7.05 pm.

PS made the point that he had been asked the difference between FCoM and the Shrimps Trust. SR reiterated the Vision and how it can be achieved.

Further dialogue with MFC directors to take place.

Opinions to be sought from all areas on the whole match day experience.

IL mentioned that plans for the Omega Terrace cover may be on the Lancaster City Council website.

Membership Update

Membership sub-group is the only one active at the moment.

Currently there are 201 Members of the Shrimps Trust which includes 117 renewals, 68 new Members, and 16 Lifetime Members.

There are 222 Members from last season who have not yet joined up for the new season.

Contacting of non–renewals was discussed, we’re giving previous Members until end of October to renew before their Membership Number was reallocated.  Need to bring this forward due to lack of available numbers for new Members.

MailChimp campaign to be run to target those who are yet to renew.  (Ron, SR).

Lifetime Memberships – those Lifetime Members who want Membership packs posting out will incur an additional cost each year for postage.

Need to look at postage costs for sending Membership packs overseas.

Stripe – Ron to discuss Stripe system with Mike Gibson due to escalating PayPal fees, also leads to the possibility of automatic renewals.

Membership Discounts and Monthly Prize Draw – SD to compile a database as soon as possible.  In progress, roughly 80% complete.

Monthly Prize Draw – JG to organise how the draw will be conducted.  Draw dates to be published, with the first one after the Accrington Stanley match.  JG to discuss a randomize function within Excel with Brian Campbell.  Need to clarify prizes with DW Fitness (SD).  Prize draw vouchers from other partners, nail down process (SD, JG).

Financial Position (JS)

Jack has prepared an in–depth summary of the current position which is contained within the Shrimps Supporters Society Limited Management Information for the Period to 14th August 2017 document.  This document has been circulated and is also available on GMail.

Bank account is up and running, JS to look in to additional online capabilities.

JS is also designing an Expenses Reclaim Form.

Pending Donation for GPS Vests – cheque for balance of £1150 to be presented at the Accrington Stanley match.  Jack has a ceremonial cheque for full amount of £2300 – it was agreed to let Ron present this to the Club along with a Trust Member drawn at random.


Membership Launch Night – Good event with a very interesting Q & A panel, disappointing turn out considering it was a free event (80-100), good number of sign ups on the night.

Shrimps Trust T20 Cricket Match – Good event, great weather, poor turn out unfortunately.

Morecambe Carnival – It was agreed not to take part this year but will look to get involved next year in conjunction with MFC.  Thanks to SB for acquiring insurance quotes.  SD to E-mail Christine Stebbing at MC17.

Membership Open Meeting – Big push to get people down on the 22nd August so that the meeting is representative of the fan base.  SR to adapt launch night poster which will be printed by PS as an A5 flyer (500 minimum).  Poster and details to be shared on all social media platforms.  RA to devise Press Release promoting the meeting and contact our media partners (The Visitor, Bay Radio, BBC Lancashire).


Social Media is going well (Twitter, Facebook, Facebook events etc.).

Looking at ongoing MotM polls going forward.

60% of electronic mail outs are read.

Need for a secretary to maintain GMail and Google Drive was discussed.

Meeting to be scheduled with MFC Directors.

SD to turn off E-mail Twitter notifications.

New communication sub-group to include SR and RA.

Minutes – preference to have somebody who is independent of the Trustees to take minutes in future.

Newsletter (IL) – Format is good, slightly out of date, needs to be proof read again (SD)SR to be involved too.

Programme Articles – to be assigned in turns.  SR has done the article for the Swindon Town match (19/08).  Going forward SD will do Carlisle United (29/08) focusing on Purple Property Group partnership, JS will do Accrington Stanley (02/09), JG will do Newport County (16/09), and SD will do Luton Town (26/09) focusing on discount partners.

Membership Open Meeting 22nd August 2017

Legends Wall – Mark Swindlehurst to lead, ask for further interested volunteers at the meeting.

Legends Bar – launch, new look, promotions and pricing to be discussed and comments noted.

Omega Terrace Cover – Plans and possible input from fans to be discussed and comments noted.

Trust Engagement

RA has provided an updated list of Trustees to Supporters Direct.

Dates for Trustee training to be arranged.

Interaction with other Supporter Trusts ahead of home matches to be looked at going forward with a view to the provision of a guide to Morecambe and MFC.

Any Other Business

Service provision at the Food & Drink Kiosk to be looked at going forward.

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