Shrimps Trust Election Update

  • On April 26, 2017

Shrimps Trust Election Update 2017

12 Trustee nomination forms were received by the submission deadline of Monday 17th April 2017.

One nominee withdrew – Paul Carter who gave the following statement:

“After several days of deep thought, I wish to remove myself as a nominee. I have given 7 years’ service to the Fans Club, the last 2 as chair. I think it’s time to step aside and let others now lead.”

The nomination for Jason Parkin was deemed invalid as no candidate statement was received.

Therefore 10 valid candidate nominations remain:

  • Simon Bentley
  • Steve Doran
  • Jimmy Goulding
  • Andy Langdale
  • Ian Lyon
  • Steven McDonagh
  • Stuart Rae
  • Jack Steer
  • Pat Stoyles
  • Ben Swidenbank

There is no need for hustings or a voting process this year. Instead, all nominees will be put before the AGM for the approval of members (see Shrimps Trust Election Policy).

The statements and photos submitted by the 10 valid nominees can be viewed below.

Isabella Jean Freear,  Shrimps Trust Election Chairperson

Simon Bentley

My name is Simon Bentley, I live in Shap, Cumbria. I am married to Joy and we have one son, Lewis who is autistic. We are all true Shrimps fans and attend as many matches as we can both home and away.

I am a self-employed electrician, a business I have built up over 10 years after being made redundant from my job of 30 years as an electrical engineer in a local quarry and concrete works. I feel I could use the skills I have acquired over this time to the benefit of the trust and the club.

I am looking forward to the challenge!



Nominated by Pat Stoyles & Seconded by Ian Lyon

Steve Doran

My name is Steve Doran.  I am a relative newcomer to the area but I have been watching and supporting Morecambe Football Club regularly since March 2014 and this is my second year as a season ticket holder.  I am already signed up for next season on the two year deal.

My wife is from Lancaster and we have three boys who are all fans thanks to the amazing “Kids Go Free” deal that the club has in place.

I became involved with the Fans Club of Morecambe at their last AGM and was invited to be a part of the committee.  Since the initial steps were taken to form the new supporters trust, I have had a much more active role.  My primary function has been launching and updating the @shrimpstrust Twitter account, the Official Twitter feed of the Shrimps Trust.  The account now has over 350 followers and has been one of the main vehicles for providing fans with information regarding the Vision Statement and how it can be fulfilled, the Launch Night, Club news, match highlights and even the running of a competition to win tickets to the #AnEveningWithJim and Friends night.

I was also involved in the drafting of the Vision Statement, its aims and how it can be achieved through the submission of ideas and discussion.

I do not have any specific formal training or expertise to offer the Trust and its members (my background is manufacturing, engineering and maintenance) but what I do have is a great interest in using social and digital media to increase awareness of this fantastic club and boost its fan-base with the ultimate aim of raising attendances.  This would hopefully lead to an increased playing budget for Jim and Ken.

I have time, enthusiasm and endeavour which I have been using in a more traditional way over the last few weeks by taking Fixtures and Events posters into local businesses throughout the Morecambe, Torrisholme, Bare, and Heysham area.  You may have also seen one in the food kiosk window at Lancaster Bus Station.

I also have many ideas to promote Morecambe Football Club and The Globe Arena as an events hub for the area, bringing in live events that appeal to all of our supporters young and not so young that will utilise our superb facilities to their full potential.

I can sincerely say that I will give my very best effort to serve the members of the Shrimps Trust, the fans, and the staff of Morecambe Football Club with dedication and integrity.  If elected, it would be my honour to be a part of history in the making.

As always, we are #StrongerTogether whether that be on the pitch, in the stands or in the Boardroom.

Nominated by Paul Carter & Seconded by Ian Lyon

Jimmy Goulding

Hello. I am Jimmy Goulding.

I am a care worker, live locally, and I have been a Morecambe fan since 1973 and a season ticket holder since 1997 (I watch from the Omega stand).

I would like to help the Shrimps Trust get established and am willing to help out in any way I can.

I have experience in fundraising and have lots of enthusiasm and ideas for taking the Trust forward.

Nominated by Stuart Rae & Seconded by Pat Stoyles

Andy Langdale

My Name is Andy Langdale and I have put my name forward for nomination to help get the trust going and support the members who turned out on mass for the meetings already held and to aid those founder members in any way I can.

Nominated by Pat Stoyles & Seconded by Ian Lyon

Ian Lyon

My name is Ian Lyon, I have been a supporter of Morecambe FC most of my life, seeing the good times and bad. Standing on the terraces at Christie Park in the 70’s watching games with a crowd below 300, seeing promotion from Northern Premier League to Conference and finally to the Football League. Most supporters may know me as one of the club match day photographers and until league promotion a matchday steward.

I realise I cannot offer to the trust any expertise such as a legal expert or accountant but I have been involved with supporters/fans clubs for twenty-five years from Shrimps Supporters’ Club to the setup of the Trust. Over the years helping to run coaches, setting up and running the old supporters club website. This is where my interest in the football club’s history began and is an area where I feel the Trust should become involved in and look to safeguard. For too long since the move to The Globe I personally feel the club’s history has taken a back seat. As a long term supporter, I am proud of the journey the club has taken. On the various committees I sit on, I have also had the honour to be the treasurer, assistant secretary, acting secretary, vice chairman and acting chairman.

Communication is always vital, fans always need to be kept in the know, not just local Morecambe fans but in the wider football world. While the Trust has worked with Supporters Direct (SD) in setting up the Trust, there is also the Football Supporters’ Federation (FSF). I feel it vital we work with both organisations. I personally have good knowledge of the work the FSF does, with being a past National Councillor of the organisation.  I could help to strengthen any bonds between us and them.  The SD and FSF work closely together for the betterment of all football fans.

The Trust is for all supporters, this is why I would be interested and willing to work as a disable/minority persons’ contact to the Trust.  I have personal knowledge living with a disability and have over the years gained an insight to people with various other disabilities. I may not have the formal training but I do consider that I understand their concerns and needs.

I would ask members to vote for me and give me the honour of representing them on the Trust and the wider football community.

Nominated by Paul Carter & Seconded by Steve Doran

Steve McDonagh


My name is Steven McDonagh, though most fans know me as “Curly” (a nickname from my quiffed rockabilly youth)

I am an Organic Chemist working in Heysham for Thermofisher.

I live locally in Morecambe.

I’ve been following Morecambe FC regularly since our first match in the Vauxhall Conference.

Whilst our Wembley playoff final victory against Exeter goes down as most fans’ favourite game, mine was the win against Wolves in the Carling Cup of that first promotion season.

I have had some of the best experiences of my life on Morecambe’s terraces and have always felt proud to say I support my local team.

I feel any measures to help protect our club from disappearing are worth being involved in and that goal is more than enough reward for my involvement.

I have been lucky enough to meet some truly fantastic people and many long term friends from following our club and that family spirit has always kept me coming back for more.



Nominated by Paul Carter & Seconded by Ian Lyon

Stuart Rae

I first started following The Shrimps 20 years ago as a youngster and have grown up supporting the club. I have been a season ticket holder for the last 5 consecutive years, having previously held one before giving it up during a spell as an exile.

Throughout the period of my support, I have always maintained an active interest in the club and its progression. Although it has dissipated since the move into The Football League and particularly since the change of grounds, there is a real community spirit attached to the club which I believe makes it special and different to supporting other clubs.

For the last three years, I have been the treasurer of Fans’ Club of Morecambe, during which time the group has attempted to enhance that community spirit and encourage further engagement between the club and the supporters. Whilst we didn’t achieve all our goals, I believe we built a steady platform from which the Supporters Trust has been formed.

Working as a management accountant, I bring specific financial planning and management skills to The Trust in addition to the previous experience attained during my time as a committee member.

I believe that the formation of The Trust and becoming a body formally recognised by The Football League and The Football Association offers exciting opportunities to present this unified supporters’ group with opportunities to further engage with the club to ensure it has a bright future.

Nominated by Michael Williamson & Seconded by Ian Lyon

Jack Steer

I am a qualified Chartered Accountant working in practice at a local accountancy firm. I have been a season ticket holder at Morecambe for 16 years and I am passionate about the Football Club. In a time of uncertainty at the Club, the Trust is an important step in formalising a united voice for the fans and that is something everyone should be encouraged to be a part of.

From a technical point of view, I am able to bring current accounting reporting expertise to the table, as well as experience in working with the Financial Conduct Authority and other not for profit regulated entities. If elected I hope these will complement the existing expertise and commitment shown by the steering committee.

While these elections are one part of formalising a body that oversees the functionality of the Shrimps Trust, this is an important milestone in the Club’s history and it will be the elected Trustees obligation to bring all stakeholders in the Football Club together for the greater good of the Club. If elected it will be my intention to encourage the Trust to be open and engaging with all Shrimps fans from all corners of the Globe.

As the Football Club enters a new era, it is vital that the newly established Trust has committed individuals at its heart and I hope with your support to play my part in delivering the aims of the Supporters Trust so that we all have a Football Club that we can be proud of, both now and in the future.

Nominated by Stephen Whitefield & Seconded by Stuart Rae

Pat Stoyles

I am Pat!!!

I believe my experience with the Fans Club will be beneficial to the Shrimps Trust at the start of its journey.

I commit fully to a cause and have passion in abundance. This comes across to others and encourages them to get involved too.

I have ideas of where the Shrimps Trust should be heading and how to get there as fans. The Shrimps Trust needs doers and I am certainly one of those.

Nominated by David Burke & Seconded by Paul Carter


Ben Swidenbank

I have been a Morecambe supporter for 15 years, and a season ticket holder for many of those years.

I have been based in London for the past 11 years, currently working as a groundsman for Arsenal FC.

I have always been a very vocal and positive supporter on matchdays and would bring the same positivity to any role I may be given.

Currently, I attend 5-10 home games a season and a similar amount of away games. So for me, attending most meetings in person wouldn’t be possible but I could be utilised as a presence in London, to meet representatives from other organisations where needed, I can also liaise with other Southern-based Shrimps fans and Trust members.

Nominated by Andrew Fear & Seconded by Paul Carter