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Shrimps Trust

Since Morecambe Football Club was founded in 1920 the community has been at the heart of everything that’s great about the club. From our great donor JB Christie, who donated the land for the club to play on, to the fans, either on the board or on the terraces, who’ve raised funds and supported the club whenever it has needed it, they’ve helped make a club to be proud of.

In 2016 the club was put up for sale, which led to a widely reported ownership crisis that threatened the future of the club and all the hard work built up over many decades.

The battle for ownership continues today and fans simply couldn’t stand by and watch their club’s reputation be tarnished or destroyed. As a result the Fans Club, which was established to raise money for vital club activities and as a social group, decided to look at the option of forming a legally constituted Supporters Trust.

On the 12th of January 2017, over 100 supporters and Fans Club members met and unanimously agreed to establish the Trust.

What Next?

We have one simple vision:

“To help, maintain and support the presence of an outstanding and sustainable professional football club in the town of Morecambe by being the democratic and representative voice of the supporters of the club which, through its actions, strengthens the bonds between the club, the fans and the communities it serves”. (read more on the Vision and the means we aim to achieve it )

We’re now on a journey, stronger together as supporters, to achieve the Vision through our collective love of the club and by doing so in the spirit of fun, friendliness and adventure that we’ve always had.

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