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The Shrimps Trust began its life on the 1st December 2016 at a meeting of fans at Morecambe Cricket Club, where it was unanimously agreed to form a Supporters Trust.

After that, we then went through the long process of becoming a legally constituted body. The Shrimps Trust is our shortened name and our full name is the Shrimps Supporters Society Ltd. We’re established as a Community Benefit Society and are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This enables us to raise money as debt or equity through the issuing of shares should we need to do so.

The FCA require us to have a set of rules to clearly abide by. As it stands, we used the model rules recommended to us by Supporters Direct.

Our Rules 

FCA Registration

Disapply Audit

Disciplinary Policy

Board Membership and Conduct Policy

Election Policy

Motion Form

Our published accounts can be found below:

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Interim Accounts 20 November 2018 – Read More

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Current Trustees and Committees

Five Committees were established shortly after the formation of the Trust to handle day-to-day activities.

An election of Trustees was then held and the 10 elected Trustees were approved at a Special General Meeting on 20th May 2017.

For a complete list of current Trustees and Committee members, click here