Exiles 1-0 Shrimps

  • On March 11, 2020

Sat 7 March, 3pm, Rodney Parade, Lge 2.

What can I say about this match?

For those who were there it was instantly forgettable. sharing a home ground with a professional Rugby Union side is always going to be difficult, particularly when they play a home game on a Friday night, the night before this game.

If I say it was like watching a game of head tennis on Southport beach, that would be more entertaining. An atrocious pitch covered in tons of sand, a howling gale blowing from one end to the other AGAIN, and two sides short on ideas, confidence and some basic skills resulted in a dire 90 minutes.

Our best effort with the wind was Mafoumbi’s kick out of his hands which forced a save for a corner. They didn’t threaten at all.

Second half they offered a bit more, however a never ending procession of throw ins, goal kicks and free kicks, all wasted, mistrapped or headed back to each other made it a cure for insomnia. The pitch and wind were affecting it,  both sides couldn’t cope with it.

As is now usual,  a mistake cost us the game. Mafoumbi chose top punch away a cross, it was a poor punch, it dropped inside the area for Gorman to loop a cross back over which caught the wind and floated under the bar. TBF to DA, he went three at the back and threw on the lively Oates and Bradbury up front and it very nearly got us something. Rhys had a shot saved with his first touch, then Harvey nipping in and chipping the keeper which was cleared off the line in injury time.

Two bad sides in crap conditions equals dreadful. Ive forgotten it already. we move on!!!